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FormExtension:: (12 methods):

Class: FormExtension  - X-Ref

FormExtension extends Twig with form capabilities.

__construct(TwigRendererInterface $renderer)   X-Ref
This property is public so that it can be accessed directly from compiled
templates without having to call a getter, which slightly decreases performance.

initRuntime(Environment $environment)   X-Ref

getTokenParsers()   X-Ref

getFunctions()   X-Ref

getFilters()   X-Ref

getTests()   X-Ref

renderCsrfToken($intention)   X-Ref
Renders a CSRF token.

param: string $intention The intention of the protected action
return: string A CSRF token

humanize($text)   X-Ref
Makes a technical name human readable.

param: string $text The text to humanize
return: string The humanized text

isSelectedChoice(ChoiceView $choice, $selectedValue)   X-Ref
Returns whether a choice is selected for a given form value.

Unfortunately Twig does not support an efficient way to execute the
"is_selected" closure passed to the template by ChoiceType. It is faster
to implement the logic here (around 65ms for a specific form).

Directly implementing the logic here is also faster than doing so in
ChoiceView (around 30ms).

The worst option tested so far is to implement the logic in ChoiceView
and access the ChoiceView method directly in the template. Doing so is
around 220ms slower than doing the method call here in the filter. Twig
seems to be much more efficient at executing filters than at executing
methods of an object.

param: ChoiceView   $choice        The choice to check
param: string|array $selectedValue The selected value to compare
return: bool Whether the choice is selected

isRootForm(FormView $formView)   X-Ref

encodeCurrency(Environment $environment, $text, $widget = '')   X-Ref

getName()   X-Ref

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