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Zend Framework (http://framework.zend.com/)

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2005-2015 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (http://www.zend.com)
License: http://framework.zend.com/license/new-bsd New BSD License
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Defines 1 class

MethodGenerator:: (11 methods):

Class: MethodGenerator  - X-Ref

fromReflection(MethodReflection $reflectionMethod)   X-Ref

param: MethodReflection $reflectionMethod
return: MethodGenerator

clearBodyIndention($body)   X-Ref
Identify the space indention from the first line and remove this indention
from all lines

param: string $body
return: string

fromArray(array $array)   X-Ref
Generate from array

param: array $array
return: MethodGenerator

__construct($name = null,array $parameters = array()   X-Ref

param: string $name
param: array $parameters
param: int $flags
param: string $body
param: DocBlockGenerator|string $docBlock

setParameters(array $parameters)   X-Ref

param: array $parameters
return: MethodGenerator

setParameter($parameter)   X-Ref

param: ParameterGenerator|array|string $parameter
return: MethodGenerator

getParameters()   X-Ref

return: ParameterGenerator[]

setBody($body)   X-Ref

param: string $body
return: MethodGenerator

getBody()   X-Ref

return: string

generate()   X-Ref

return: string

__toString()   X-Ref
No description

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