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Defines 13 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

initInsertions()   X-Ref
Fix a bug involving the TextRange object. From

bbstyle(bbnumber)   X-Ref

bbfontstyle(bbopen, bbclose)   X-Ref
Apply bbcodes

insert_text(text, spaces, popup)   X-Ref
Insert text at position

attachInline(index, filename)   X-Ref
Add inline attachment at position

addquote(post_id, username, l_wrote, attributes)   X-Ref
Add quote text to message

generateQuote(text, attributes)   X-Ref
Create a quote block for given text

Possible attributes:
- author:  author's name (usually a username)
- post_id: post_id of the post being quoted
- user_id: user_id of the user being quoted
- time:    timestamp of the original message

param: {!string} text       Quote's text
param: {!Object} attributes Quote's attributes
return: {!string}            Quote block to be used in a new post/text

formatAttributeValue(str)   X-Ref
Format given string to be used as an attribute value

Will return the string as-is if it can be used in a BBCode without quotes. Otherwise,
it will use either single- or double- quotes depending on whichever requires less escaping.
Quotes and backslashes are escaped with backslashes where necessary

param: {!string} str Original string
return: {!string}     Same string if possible, escaped string within quotes otherwise

split_lines(text)   X-Ref
No description

mozWrap(txtarea, open, close)   X-Ref
From http://www.massless.org/mozedit/

storeCaret(textEl)   X-Ref
Insert at Caret position. Code from

caretPosition()   X-Ref
Caret Position object

getCaretPosition(txtarea)   X-Ref
Get the caret position in an textarea

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