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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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acp_styles:: (27 methods):

Class: acp_styles  - X-Ref

main($id, $mode)   X-Ref
No description

frontend()   X-Ref
Main page

action_install()   X-Ref
Install style(s)

action_uninstall()   X-Ref
Confirm styles removal

action_uninstall_confirmed($ids, $delete_files)   X-Ref
Uninstall styles(s)

param: array $ids List of style IDs
param: bool $delete_files If true, script will attempt to remove files for selected styles

action_activate()   X-Ref
Activate styles

action_deactivate()   X-Ref
Deactivate styles

action_details()   X-Ref
Show style details

show_installed()   X-Ref
List installed styles

show_available()   X-Ref
Show list of styles that can be installed

find_available($all)   X-Ref
Find styles available for installation

param: bool $all if true, function will return all installable styles. if false, function will return only styles that can be installed
return: array List of styles

show_styles_list(&$styles, $parent, $level)   X-Ref
Show styles list

param: array $styles styles list
param: int $parent parent style id
param: int $level style inheritance level

show_available_child_styles(&$styles, $name, $level)   X-Ref
Show available styles tree

param: array $styles Styles list, passed as reference
param: string $name Name of parent style
param: int $level Styles tree level

update_styles_tree(&$styles, $style = false)   X-Ref
Update styles tree

param: array $styles Styles list, passed as reference
param: array|false $style Current style, false if root
return: bool True if something was updated, false if not

find_possible_parents($styles, $id = -1, $parent = 0, $level = 0)   X-Ref
Find all possible parent styles for style

param: array $styles list of styles
param: int $id id of style
param: int $parent current parent style id
param: int $level current tree level
return: array Style ids, names and levels

list_style(&$style, $level)   X-Ref
Show item in styles list

param: array $style style row
param: int $level style inheritance level

welcome_message($title, $description)   X-Ref
Show welcome message

param: string $title main title
param: string $description page description

find_style_dirs()   X-Ref
Find all directories that have styles

return: array Directory names

sort_styles($style1, $style2)   X-Ref
Sort styles

read_style_cfg($dir)   X-Ref
Read style configuration file

param: string $dir style directory
return: array|bool Style data, false on error

install_style($style)   X-Ref
Install style

param: array $style style data
return: int Style id

get_styles()   X-Ref
Lists all styles

return: array Rows with styles data

get_users()   X-Ref
Count users for each style

return: array Styles in following format: [style_id] = number of users

uninstall_style($style)   X-Ref
Uninstall style

param: array $style Style data
return: bool|string True on success, error message on error

delete_style_files($path, $dir = '')   X-Ref
Delete all files in style directory

param: string $path Style directory
param: string $dir Directory to remove inside style's directory
return: bool True on success, false on error

request_vars($name, $default, $error = false)   X-Ref
Get list of items from posted data

param: string $name Variable name
param: string|int $default Default value for array
param: bool $error If true, error will be triggered if list is empty
return: array Items

default_bitfield()   X-Ref
Generates default bitfield

This bitfield decides which bbcodes are defined in a template.

return: string Bitfield

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