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Defines 9 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

adm_page_header($page_title)   X-Ref
Header for acp pages

adm_page_footer($copyright_html = true)   X-Ref
Page footer for acp pages

adm_back_link($u_action)   X-Ref
Generate back link for acp pages

build_select($option_ary, $option_default = false)   X-Ref
Build select field options in acp pages

h_radio($name, $input_ary, $input_default = false, $id = false, $key = false, $separator = '')   X-Ref
Build radio fields in acp pages

build_cfg_template($tpl_type, $key, &$new_ary, $config_key, $vars)   X-Ref
Build configuration template for acp configuration pages

validate_config_vars($config_vars, &$cfg_array, &$error)   X-Ref
Going through a config array and validate values, writing errors to $error. The validation method  accepts parameters separated by ':' for string and int.
The first parameter defines the type to be used, the second the lower bound and the third the upper bound. Only the type is required.

validate_range($value_ary, &$error)   X-Ref
Checks whatever or not a variable is OK for use in the Database
param mixed $value_ary An array of the form array(array('lang' => ..., 'value' => ..., 'column_type' =>))'
param mixed $error The error array

phpbb_insert_config_array($display_vars, $add_config_vars, $where)   X-Ref
Inserts new config display_vars into an exisiting display_vars array
at the given position.

param: array $display_vars An array of existing config display vars
param: array $add_config_vars An array of new config display vars
param: array $where Where to place the new config vars,
return: array The array of config display vars

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