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Defines 27 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

recalc_nested_sets(&$new_id, $pkey, $table, $parent_id = 0, $where = array()   X-Ref
Recalculate Nested Sets

param: int    $new_id    first left_id (should start with 1)
param: string    $pkey    primary key-column (containing the id for the parent_id of the children)
param: string    $table    constant or fullname of the table
param: int    $parent_id parent_id of the current set (default = 0)
param: array    $where    contains strings to compare closer on the where statement (additional)

make_forum_select($select_id = false, $ignore_id = false, $ignore_acl = false, $ignore_nonpost = false, $ignore_emptycat = true, $only_acl_post = false, $return_array = false)   X-Ref
Simple version of jumpbox, just lists authed forums

size_select_options($size_compare)   X-Ref
Generate size select options

group_select_options($group_id, $exclude_ids = false, $manage_founder = false)   X-Ref
Generate list of groups (option fields without select)

return: string The list of options.
param: int $group_id The default group id to mark as selected
param: array $exclude_ids The group ids to exclude from the list, false (default) if you whish to exclude no id
param: int $manage_founder If set to false (default) all groups are returned, if 0 only those groups returned not being managed by founders only, if 1 only those groups returned managed by founders only.

get_forum_list($acl_list = 'f_list', $id_only = true, $postable_only = false, $no_cache = false)   X-Ref
Obtain authed forums list

get_forum_branch($forum_id, $type = 'all', $order = 'descending', $include_forum = true)   X-Ref
Get forum branch

copy_forum_permissions($src_forum_id, $dest_forum_ids, $clear_dest_perms = true, $add_log = true)   X-Ref
Copies permissions from one forum to others

return: bool                        False on error
param: int    $src_forum_id        The source forum we want to copy permissions from
param: array    $dest_forum_ids        The destination forum(s) we want to copy to
param: bool    $clear_dest_perms    True if destination permissions should be deleted
param: bool    $add_log            True if log entry should be added

filelist($rootdir, $dir = '', $type = 'gif|jpg|jpeg|png')   X-Ref
Get physical file listing

move_topics($topic_ids, $forum_id, $auto_sync = true)   X-Ref
Move topic(s)

move_posts($post_ids, $topic_id, $auto_sync = true)   X-Ref
Move post(s)

delete_topics($where_type, $where_ids, $auto_sync = true, $post_count_sync = true, $call_delete_posts = true)   X-Ref
Remove topic(s)

delete_posts($where_type, $where_ids, $auto_sync = true, $posted_sync = true, $post_count_sync = true, $call_delete_topics = true)   X-Ref
Remove post(s)

delete_topic_shadows($forum_id, $sql_more = '', $auto_sync = true)   X-Ref
Deletes shadow topics pointing to a specified forum.

return: array        Array with affected forums
param: int        $forum_id        The forum id
param: string        $sql_more        Additional WHERE statement, e.g. t.topic_time < (time() - 1234)
param: bool        $auto_sync        Will call sync() if this is true

update_posted_info(&$topic_ids)   X-Ref
Update/Sync posted information for topics

sync($mode, $where_type = '', $where_ids = '', $resync_parents = false, $sync_extra = false)   X-Ref
All-encompasing sync function

sync('topic', 'topic_id', 123);            // resync topic #123
sync('topic', 'forum_id', array(2, 3));    // resync topics from forum #2 and #3
sync('topic');                            // resync all topics
sync('topic', 'range', 'topic_id BETWEEN 1 AND 60');    // resync a range of topics/forums (only available for 'topic' and 'forum' modes)

- forum                Resync complete forum
- topic                Resync topics
- topic_moved            Removes topic shadows that would be in the same forum as the topic they link to
- topic_visibility    Resyncs the topic_visibility flag according to the status of the first post
- post_reported        Resyncs the post_reported flag, relying on actual reports
- topic_reported        Resyncs the topic_reported flag, relying on post_reported flags
- post_attachement    Same as post_reported, but with attachment flags
- topic_attachement    Same as topic_reported, but with attachment flags

prune($forum_id, $prune_mode, $prune_date, $prune_flags = 0, $auto_sync = true, $prune_limit = 0)   X-Ref
Prune function

auto_prune($forum_id, $prune_mode, $prune_flags, $prune_days, $prune_freq)   X-Ref
Function auto_prune(), this function now relies on passed vars

phpbb_cache_moderators($db, $cache, $auth)   X-Ref
Cache moderators. Called whenever permissions are changed
via admin_permissions. Changes of usernames and group names
must be carried through for the moderators table.

return: null
param: \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db Database connection
param: \phpbb\cache\driver\driver_interface Cache driver
param: \phpbb\auth\auth $auth Authentication object

view_log($mode, &$log, &$log_count, $limit = 0, $offset = 0, $forum_id = 0, $topic_id = 0, $user_id = 0, $limit_days = 0, $sort_by = 'l.log_time DESC', $keywords = '')   X-Ref
View log

return: int                Returns the offset of the last valid page, if the specified offset was invalid (too high)
param: string    $mode            The mode defines which log_type is used and from which log the entry is retrieved
param: array    &$log            The result array with the logs
param: mixed    &$log_count        If $log_count is set to false, we will skip counting all entries in the database.
param: int        $limit            Limit the number of entries that are returned
param: int        $offset            Offset when fetching the log entries, f.e. when paginating
param: mixed    $forum_id        Restrict the log entries to the given forum_id (can also be an array of forum_ids)
param: int        $topic_id        Restrict the log entries to the given topic_id
param: int        $user_id        Restrict the log entries to the given user_id
param: int        $log_time        Only get log entries newer than the given timestamp
param: string    $sort_by        SQL order option, e.g. 'l.log_time DESC'
param: string    $keywords        Will only return log entries that have the keywords in log_operation or log_data

phpbb_update_foes($db, $auth, $group_id = false, $user_id = false)   X-Ref
Removes moderators and administrators from foe lists.

return: null
param: \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db Database connection
param: \phpbb\auth\auth $auth Authentication object
param: array|bool $group_id If an array, remove all members of this group from foe lists, or false to ignore
param: array|bool $user_id If an array, remove this user from foe lists, or false to ignore

view_inactive_users(&$users, &$user_count, $limit = 0, $offset = 0, $limit_days = 0, $sort_by = 'user_inactive_time DESC')   X-Ref
Lists inactive users

view_warned_users(&$users, &$user_count, $limit = 0, $offset = 0, $limit_days = 0, $sort_by = 'user_warnings DESC')   X-Ref
Lists warned users

get_database_size()   X-Ref
Get database size
Currently only mysql and mssql are supported

tidy_warnings()   X-Ref
No description

tidy_database()   X-Ref
Tidy database, doing some maintanance tasks

add_permission_language()   X-Ref
Add permission language - this will make sure custom files will be included

enable_bitfield_column_flag($table_name, $column_name, $flag, $sql_more = '')   X-Ref
Enables a particular flag in a bitfield column of a given table.

return: null
param: string    $table_name        The table to update
param: string    $column_name    The column containing a bitfield to update
param: int        $flag            The binary flag which is OR-ed with the current column value
param: string    $sql_more        This string is attached to the sql query generated to update the table.

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