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Defines 13 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

display_forums($root_data = '', $display_moderators = true, $return_moderators = false)   X-Ref
Display Forums

generate_forum_rules(&$forum_data)   X-Ref
Create forum rules for given forum

generate_forum_nav(&$forum_data_ary)   X-Ref
Create forum navigation links for given forum, create parent
list if currently null, assign basic forum info to template

get_forum_parents(&$forum_data)   X-Ref
Returns forum parents as an array. Get them from forum_data if available, or update the database otherwise

get_moderators(&$forum_moderators, $forum_id = false)   X-Ref
Obtain list of moderators of each forum

gen_forum_auth_level($mode, $forum_id, $forum_status)   X-Ref
User authorisation levels output

param: string    $mode            Can be forum or topic. Not in use at the moment.
param: int        $forum_id        The current forum the user is in.
param: int        $forum_status    The forums status bit.

topic_status(&$topic_row, $replies, $unread_topic, &$folder_img, &$folder_alt, &$topic_type)   X-Ref
Generate topic status

display_custom_bbcodes()   X-Ref
Assign/Build custom bbcodes for display in screens supporting using of bbcodes
The custom bbcodes buttons will be placed within the template block 'custom_tags'

display_user_activity(&$userdata_ary)   X-Ref
Display user activity (action forum/topic)

watch_topic_forum($mode, &$s_watching, $user_id, $forum_id, $topic_id, $notify_status = 'unset', $start = 0, $item_title = '')   X-Ref
Topic and forum watching common code

phpbb_get_user_rank($user_data, $user_posts)   X-Ref
Get user rank title and image

return: array An associative array containing the rank title (title), the rank image as full img tag (img) and the rank image source (img_src)
param: array $user_data the current stored users data
param: int $user_posts the users number of posts

phpbb_show_profile($data, $user_notes_enabled = false, $warn_user_enabled = false, $check_can_receive_pm = true)   X-Ref
Prepare profile data

phpbb_sort_last_active($first, $second)   X-Ref
No description

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