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Defines 20 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

get_folder($user_id, $folder_id = false)   X-Ref
Get all folder

clean_sentbox($num_sentbox_messages)   X-Ref
Delete Messages From Sentbox
we are doing this here because this saves us a bunch of checks and queries

check_rule(&$rules, &$rule_row, &$message_row, $user_id)   X-Ref
Check Rule against Message Information

update_pm_counts()   X-Ref
Update user PM count

place_pm_into_folder(&$global_privmsgs_rules, $release = false)   X-Ref
Place new messages into appropriate folder

move_pm($user_id, $message_limit, $move_msg_ids, $dest_folder, $cur_folder_id)   X-Ref
Move PM from one to another folder

update_unread_status($unread, $msg_id, $user_id, $folder_id)   X-Ref
Update unread message status

mark_folder_read($user_id, $folder_id)   X-Ref
No description

handle_mark_actions($user_id, $mark_action)   X-Ref
Handle all actions possible with marked messages

delete_pm($user_id, $msg_ids, $folder_id)   X-Ref
Delete PM(s)

phpbb_delete_user_pms($user_id)   X-Ref
Delete all PM(s) for a given user and delete the ones without references

return: boolean        False if there were no pms found, true otherwise.
param: int        $user_id    ID of the user whose private messages we want to delete

phpbb_delete_users_pms($user_ids)   X-Ref
Delete all PM(s) for given users and delete the ones without references

return: boolean        False if there were no pms found, true otherwise.
param: array        $user_ids    IDs of the users whose private messages we want to delete

rebuild_header($check_ary)   X-Ref
Rebuild message header

write_pm_addresses($check_ary, $author_id, $plaintext = false)   X-Ref
Print out/assign recipient information

get_folder_status($folder_id, $folder)   X-Ref
Get folder status

submit_pm($mode, $subject, &$data_ary, $put_in_outbox = true)   X-Ref
Submit PM

message_history($msg_id, $user_id, $message_row, $folder, $in_post_mode = false)   X-Ref
Display Message History

set_user_message_limit()   X-Ref
Set correct users max messages in PM folder.
If several group memberships define different amount of messages, the highest will be chosen.

phpbb_get_max_setting_from_group(\phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db, $user_id, $setting)   X-Ref
Get the maximum PM setting for the groups of the user

return: int The maximum setting for all groups of the user, unless one group has '0'
param: \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db
param: int $user_id
param: string $setting Only 'max_recipients' and 'message_limit' are supported

get_recipient_strings($pm_by_id)   X-Ref
Generates an array of coloured recipient names from a list of PMs - (groups & users)

return: array                2D Array: array(msg_id => array('username or group string', ...), ...)
param: array    $pm_by_id    An array of rows from PRIVMSGS_TABLE, keys are the msg_ids.

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