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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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upload:: (8 methods):

Class: upload  - X-Ref

Attachment upload class

__construct(auth $auth, service $cache, config $config, \phpbb\files\upload $files_upload, language $language, guesser $mimetype_guesser, dispatcher $phpbb_dispatcher, plupload $plupload, user $user, $phpbb_root_path)   X-Ref
Constructor for attachments upload class

param: auth $auth
param: service $cache
param: config $config
param: \phpbb\files\upload $files_upload
param: language $language
param: guesser $mimetype_guesser
param: dispatcher $phpbb_dispatcher
param: plupload $plupload
param: user $user
param: $phpbb_root_path

upload($form_name, $forum_id, $local = false, $local_storage = '', $is_message = false, $local_filedata = array()   X-Ref
Upload Attachment - filedata is generated here
Uses upload class

return: array File data array
param: string            $form_name        The form name of the file upload input
param: int            $forum_id        The id of the forum
param: bool            $local            Whether the file is local or not
param: string            $local_storage    The path to the local file
param: bool            $is_message        Whether it is a PM or not
param: array        $local_filedata    An file data object created for the local file

create_thumbnail()   X-Ref
Create thumbnail for file if necessary

return: array Updated $filedata

init_files_upload($forum_id, $is_message)   X-Ref
Init files upload class

param: int $forum_id Forum ID
param: bool $is_message Whether attachment is inside PM or not

check_image($is_image)   X-Ref
Check if uploaded file is really an image

param: bool $is_image Whether file is image

check_attach_quota()   X-Ref
Check if attachment quota was reached

return: bool False if attachment quota was reached, true if not

check_disk_space()   X-Ref
Check if there is enough free space available on disk

return: bool True if disk space is available, false if not

fill_file_data()   X-Ref
Fills file data with file information and current time as filetime

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