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ldap:: (7 methods):

Class: ldap  - X-Ref

Database authentication provider for phpBB3
This is for authentication via the integrated user table

__construct(config $config, driver_interface $db, language $language, user $user)   X-Ref
LDAP Authentication Constructor

param: config                $config        Config object
param: driver_interface    $db            DBAL driver interface
param: language            $language    Language object
param: user                $user        User object

init()   X-Ref

login($username, $password)   X-Ref

acp()   X-Ref

get_acp_template($new_config)   X-Ref

ldap_user_filter($username)   X-Ref
Generates a filter string for ldap_search to find a user

return: string    A filter string for ldap_search
param: $username    string    Username identifying the searched user

ldap_escape($string)   X-Ref
Escapes an LDAP AttributeValue

return: string    The escaped string
param: string    $string    The string to be escaped

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