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driver_interface:: (16 methods):

Interface: driver_interface  - X-Ref

An interface that all cache drivers must implement

load()   X-Ref
Load global cache

return: mixed False if an error was encountered, otherwise the data type of the cached data

unload()   X-Ref
Unload cache object

return: null

save()   X-Ref
Save modified objects

return: null

tidy()   X-Ref
Tidy cache

return: null

get($var_name)   X-Ref
Get saved cache object

param: string $var_name         Cache key
return: mixed                 False if an error was encountered, otherwise the saved cached object

put($var_name, $var, $ttl = 0)   X-Ref
Put data into cache

param: string $var_name         Cache key
param: mixed $var             Cached data to store
param: int $ttl                 Time-to-live of cached data
return: null

purge()   X-Ref
Purge cache data

return: null

destroy($var_name, $table = '')   X-Ref
Destroy cache data

param: string $var_name         Cache key
param: string $table             Table name
return: null

_exists($var_name)   X-Ref
Check if a given cache entry exists

param: string $var_name         Cache key
return: bool                     True if cache file exists and has not expired.

sql_load($query)   X-Ref
Load result of an SQL query from cache.

param: string $query            SQL query
return: int|bool                Query ID (integer) if cache contains a rowset

sql_save(\phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db, $query, $query_result, $ttl)   X-Ref
Save result of an SQL query in cache.

In persistent cache stores, this function stores the query
result to persistent storage. In other words, there is no need
to call save() afterwards.

param: \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db    Database connection
param: string $query            SQL query, should be used for generating storage key
param: mixed $query_result    The result from \dbal::sql_query, to be passed to
param: int $ttl                Time to live, after this timeout the query should
return: int|mixed                If storing in cache succeeded, an integer $query_id

sql_exists($query_id)   X-Ref
Check if result for a given SQL query exists in cache.

param: int $query_id
return: bool

sql_fetchrow($query_id)   X-Ref
Fetch row from cache (database)

param: int $query_id
return: array|bool             The query result if found in the cache, otherwise

sql_fetchfield($query_id, $field)   X-Ref
Fetch a field from the current row of a cached database result (database)

param: int $query_id
param: string $field             The name of the column.
return: string|bool             The field of the query result if found in the cache,

sql_rowseek($rownum, $query_id)   X-Ref
Seek a specific row in an a cached database result (database)

param: int $rownum             Row to seek to.
param: int $query_id
return: bool

sql_freeresult($query_id)   X-Ref
Free memory used for a cached database result (database)

param: int $query_id
return: bool

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