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This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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Class: file  - X-Ref

ACM File Based Caching

__construct($cache_dir = null)   X-Ref
Set cache path

param: string $cache_dir Define the path to the cache directory (default: $phpbb_root_path . 'cache/')

load()   X-Ref

unload()   X-Ref

save()   X-Ref

tidy()   X-Ref

get($var_name)   X-Ref

put($var_name, $var, $ttl = 31536000)   X-Ref

purge()   X-Ref

destroy($var_name, $table = '')   X-Ref

_exists($var_name)   X-Ref

sql_save(\phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db, $query, $query_result, $ttl)   X-Ref

_read($filename)   X-Ref
Read cached data from a specified file

param: string $filename Filename to write
return: mixed False if an error was encountered, otherwise the data type of the cached data

_write($filename, $data = null, $expires = 0, $query = '')   X-Ref
Write cache data to a specified file

'data_global' is a special case and the generated format is different for this file:
<?php exit; ?>
(length of var and serialised data)
(serialised data)
... (repeat)

The other files have a similar format:
<?php exit; ?>
(query) [SQL files only]
(length of serialised data)
(serialised data)

param: string $filename Filename to write
param: mixed $data Data to store
param: int $expires Timestamp when the data expires
param: string $query Query when caching SQL queries
return: bool True if the file was successfully created, otherwise false

clean_varname($varname)   X-Ref
Replace slashes in the file name

param: string $varname name of a cache variable
return: string $varname name that is safe to use as a filename

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