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class_loader:: (6 methods):

Class: class_loader  - X-Ref

The class loader resolves class names to file system paths and loads them if

Classes have to be of the form phpbb_(dir_)*(classpart_)*, so directory names
must never contain underscores. Example: phpbb_dir_subdir_class_name is a
valid class name, while phpbb_dir_sub_dir_class_name is not.

If every part of the class name is a directory, the last directory name is
also used as the filename, e.g. phpbb_dir would resolve to dir/dir.php.
__construct($namespace, $path, $php_ext = 'php', \phpbb\cache\driver\driver_interface $cache = null)   X-Ref
Creates a new \phpbb\class_loader, which loads files with the given
file extension from the given path.

param: string $namespace Required namespace for files to be loaded
param: string $path    Directory to load files from
param: string $php_ext The file extension for PHP files
param: \phpbb\cache\driver\driver_interface $cache An implementation of the phpBB cache interface.

set_cache(\phpbb\cache\driver\driver_interface $cache = null)   X-Ref
Provide the class loader with a cache to store paths. If set to null, the
the class loader will resolve paths by checking for the existence of every
directory in the class name every time.

param: \phpbb\cache\driver\driver_interface $cache An implementation of the phpBB cache interface.

register()   X-Ref
Registers the class loader as an autoloader using SPL.

unregister()   X-Ref
Removes the class loader from the SPL autoloader stack.

resolve_path($class)   X-Ref
Resolves a phpBB class name to a relative path which can be included.

return: string|bool        A relative path to the file containing the
param: string       $class The class name to resolve, must be in the

load_class($class)   X-Ref
Resolves a class name to a path and then includes it.

param: string $class The class name which is being loaded.

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