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manager:: (8 methods):

Class: manager  - X-Ref

Cron manager class.

Finds installed cron tasks, stores task objects, provides task selection.
__construct(ContainerInterface $phpbb_container, helper $routing_helper, $phpbb_root_path, $php_ext)   X-Ref
Constructor. Loads all available tasks.

param: ContainerInterface $phpbb_container Container
param: helper $routing_helper Routing helper
param: string $phpbb_root_path Relative path to phpBB root
param: string $php_ext PHP file extension

load_tasks($tasks)   X-Ref
Loads tasks given by name, wraps them
and puts them into $this->tasks.

param: array|\Traversable $tasks        Array of instances of \phpbb\cron\task\task

load_tasks_from_container()   X-Ref
Loads registered tasks from the container, wraps them
and puts them into $this->tasks.

find_one_ready_task()   X-Ref
Finds a task that is ready to run.

If several tasks are ready, any one of them could be returned.

If no tasks are ready, null is returned.

return: wrapper|null

find_all_ready_tasks()   X-Ref
Finds all tasks that are ready to run.

return: array        List of tasks which are ready to run (wrapped in \phpbb\cron\task\wrapper).

find_task($name)   X-Ref
Finds a task by name.

If there is no task with the specified name, null is returned.

Web runner uses this method to resolve names to tasks.

param: string                $name Name of the task to look up.
return: wrapper    A wrapped task corresponding to the given name, or null.

get_tasks()   X-Ref
Find all tasks and return them.

return: array List of all tasks.

wrap_task(\phpbb\cron\task\task $task)   X-Ref
Wraps a task inside an instance of \phpbb\cron\task\wrapper.

param: \phpbb\cron\task\task             $task The task.
return: wrapper    The wrapped task.

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