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tidy_warnings:: (4 methods):

Class: tidy_warnings  - X-Ref

Tidy warnings cron task.

Will only run when warnings are configured to expire.
__construct($phpbb_root_path, $php_ext, \phpbb\config\config $config)   X-Ref

param: string $phpbb_root_path The root path
param: string $php_ext PHP file extension
param: \phpbb\config\config $config The config

run()   X-Ref
Runs this cron task.

return: null

is_runnable()   X-Ref
Returns whether this cron task can run, given current board configuration.

If warnings are set to never expire, this cron task will not run.

return: bool

should_run()   X-Ref
Returns whether this cron task should run now, because enough time
has passed since it was last run.

The interval between warnings tidying is specified in board

return: bool

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