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mssql_odbc:: (12 methods):

Class: mssql_odbc  - X-Ref

Unified ODBC functions
Unified ODBC functions support any database having ODBC driver, for example Adabas D, IBM DB2, iODBC, Solid, Sybase SQL Anywhere...
Here we only support MSSQL Server 2000+ because of the provided schema

sql_connect($sqlserver, $sqluser, $sqlpassword, $database, $port = false, $persistency = false, $new_link = false)   X-Ref

sql_server_info($raw = false, $use_cache = true)   X-Ref

_sql_transaction($status = 'begin')   X-Ref
SQL Transaction

sql_query($query = '', $cache_ttl = 0)   X-Ref

_sql_query_limit($query, $total, $offset = 0, $cache_ttl = 0)   X-Ref
Build LIMIT query

sql_affectedrows()   X-Ref

sql_fetchrow($query_id = false)   X-Ref

sql_nextid()   X-Ref

sql_freeresult($query_id = false)   X-Ref

_sql_error()   X-Ref
return sql error array

_sql_close()   X-Ref
Close sql connection

_sql_report($mode, $query = '')   X-Ref
Build db-specific report

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