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This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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helper:: (5 methods):

Class: helper  - X-Ref

Class with some helpful functions used in feeds

__construct(config $config, ContainerInterface $container, path_helper $path_helper, renderer $renderer, user $user)   X-Ref

param: config                $config            Config object
param: ContainerInterface    $container        Service container object
param: path_helper            $path_helper     Path helper object
param: renderer            $renderer        TextFormatter renderer object
param: user                $user            User object

get_board_url()   X-Ref
Returns the board url (and caches it in the function)

append_sid($url, $params)   X-Ref
Run links through append_sid(), prepend generate_board_url() and remove session id

format_date($time)   X-Ref
Generate ISO 8601 date string (RFC 3339)

generate_content($content, $uid, $bitfield, $options, $forum_id, $post_attachments)   X-Ref
Generate text content

return: string the html content to be printed for the feed
param: string $content is feed text content
param: string $uid is bbcode_uid
param: string $bitfield is bbcode bitfield
param: int $options bbcode flag options
param: int $forum_id is the forum id
param: array $post_attachments is an array containing the attachments and their respective info

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