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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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helper:: (5 methods):

Class: helper  - X-Ref

__construct(auth $auth, cache $cache, config $config, language $language, dispatcher_interface $dispatcher, path_helper $path_helper, user $user)   X-Ref

param: auth                    $auth            Authentication object
param: cache                    $cache            Cache service object
param: config                $config            Configuration object
param: language                $language        Language object
param: dispatcher_interface    $dispatcher        Event dispatcher object
param: path_helper            $path_helper    Path helper object
param: user                    $user            User object

get_name($group_name)   X-Ref

return: string        Group name or translated group name if it exists
param: string    $group_name    The stored group name

get_name_string($mode, $group_id, $group_name, $group_colour = '', $custom_profile_url = false)   X-Ref
Get group name details for placing into templates.

return: string A string consisting of what is wanted based on $mode.
param: string    $mode                Profile (for getting an url to the profile),
param: int        $group_id            The group id
param: string    $group_name            The group name
param: string    $group_colour        The group colour
param: mixed        $custom_profile_url    optional parameter to specify a profile url. The group id gets appended to this url as &g={group_id}

get_rank($group_data)   X-Ref
Get group rank title and image

return: array                    An associative array containing the rank title (title),
param: array        $group_data        The current stored group data

get_avatar($group_row, $alt = 'GROUP_AVATAR', $ignore_config = false, $lazy = false)   X-Ref
Get group avatar.
Wrapper function for phpbb_get_group_avatar()

return: string                     Avatar html
param: array        $group_row        Row from the groups table
param: string    $alt            Optional language string for alt tag within image, can be a language key or text
param: bool        $ignore_config    Ignores the config-setting, to be still able to view the avatar in the UCP
param: bool        $lazy            If true, will be lazy loaded (requires JS)

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