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legend:: (9 methods):

Class: legend  - X-Ref

Legend group position class

group_legend is an ascending list 1, 2, ..., n for groups which are displayed. 1 is the first group, n the last.
If the value is 0 (self::GROUP_DISABLED) the group is not displayed.
__construct(\phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db, \phpbb\user $user)   X-Ref

param: \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface    $db        Database object
param: \phpbb\user            $user    User object

get_group_value($group_id)   X-Ref
Returns the group_legend for a given group, if the group exists.

return: int            position of the group
param: int        $group_id    group_id of the group to be selected

get_group_count()   X-Ref
Get number of groups, displayed on the legend

return: int        value of the last item displayed

add_group($group_id)   X-Ref

delete_group($group_id, $skip_group = false)   X-Ref
Deletes a group by setting the field to self::GROUP_DISABLED and closing the gap in the list.

return: bool        True if the group was deleted successfully
param: int        $group_id        group_id of the group to be deleted
param: bool    $skip_group        Skip setting the value for this group, to save the query, when you need to update it anyway.

move_up($group_id)   X-Ref

move_down($group_id)   X-Ref

move($group_id, $delta)   X-Ref

group_type_language($group_type)   X-Ref
Get group type language var

return: string        name of the language variable for the given group-type.
param: int        $group_type    group_type from the groups-table

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