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This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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helper:: (10 methods):

Class: helper  - X-Ref

A duplicate of \phpbb\controller\helper

This class is necessary because of controller\helper's legacy function calls
to page_header() page_footer() functions which has unavailable dependencies.
__construct(config $config, language $language, language_file_helper $lang_helper, navigation_provider $nav, template $template, path_helper $path_helper, request $phpbb_request, symfony_request $request, router $router, $phpbb_root_path)   X-Ref

param: config                $config
param: language                $language
param: language_file_helper    $lang_helper
param: navigation_provider    $nav
param: template                $template
param: path_helper            $path_helper
param: request                $phpbb_request
param: symfony_request        $request
param: router                $router
param: string                $phpbb_root_path

render($template_file, $page_title = '', $selected_language = false, $status_code = 200)   X-Ref
Automate setting up the page and creating the response object.

param: string    $template_file        The template handle to render
param: string    $page_title            The title of the page to output
param: bool        $selected_language    True to enable language selector it, false otherwise
param: int        $status_code        The status code to be sent to the page header
return: Response object containing rendered page

route($route_name, $parameters = array()   X-Ref
Returns path from route name

param: string    $route_name
param: array        $parameters
return: string

handle_language_select()   X-Ref
Handles language selector form

handle_navigation($iohandler = null)   X-Ref
Process navigation data to reflect active/completed stages

param: \phpbb\install\helper\iohandler\iohandler_interface|null    $iohandler

page_header($page_title, $selected_language = false)   X-Ref
Set default template variables

param: string    $page_title            Title of the page
param: bool        $selected_language    True to enable language selector it, false otherwise

render_navigation()   X-Ref
Render navigation

render_language_select($selected_language = null)   X-Ref
Render language select form

param: string    $selected_language

get_active_main_menu($nav_array)   X-Ref
Returns the name of the active main menu item

param: array    $nav_array
return: string|bool    Returns the name of the active main menu element, if the element not found, returns false

sort_navigation_level($nav_array)   X-Ref
Sorts the top level of navigation array

param: array    $nav_array    Navigation array
return: array

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