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topic:: (17 methods):

Class: topic  - X-Ref

Topic notifications class
This class handles notifications for new topics

get_type()   X-Ref
Get notification type name

return: string

set_config(\phpbb\config\config $config)   X-Ref
No description

set_user_loader(\phpbb\user_loader $user_loader)   X-Ref
No description

is_available()   X-Ref
Is available

get_item_id($post)   X-Ref
Get the id of the item

return: int The topic id
param: array $post The data from the post

get_item_parent_id($post)   X-Ref
Get the id of the parent

return: int The forum id
param: array $post The data from the post

find_users_for_notification($topic, $options = array()   X-Ref
Find the users who want to receive notifications

return: array
param: array $topic Data from the topic
param: array $options Options for finding users for notification

get_avatar()   X-Ref
Get the user's avatar

get_title()   X-Ref
Get the HTML formatted title of this notification

return: string

get_reference()   X-Ref
Get the HTML formatted reference of the notification

return: string

get_forum()   X-Ref
Get the forum of the notification reference

return: string

get_email_template()   X-Ref
Get email template

return: string|bool

get_email_template_variables()   X-Ref
Get email template variables

return: array

get_url()   X-Ref
Get the url to this item

return: string URL

users_to_query()   X-Ref
Users needed to query before this notification can be displayed

return: array Array of user_ids

pre_create_insert_array($post, $notify_users)   X-Ref
Pre create insert array function
This allows you to perform certain actions, like run a query
and load data, before create_insert_array() is run. The data
returned from this function will be sent to create_insert_array().

return: array Whatever you want to send to create_insert_array().
param: array $post Post data from submit_post
param: array $notify_users Notify users list

create_insert_array($post, $pre_create_data = array()   X-Ref

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