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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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helper:: (5 methods):

Class: helper  - X-Ref

__construct(\phpbb\config\config $config)   X-Ref
Construct a driver helper object

param: \phpbb\config\config $config phpBB configuration

hash_encode64($input, $count)   X-Ref
Base64 encode hash

param: string $input Input string
param: int $count Input string length
return: string base64 encoded string

unique_id($extra = 'c')   X-Ref
Return unique id

param: string $extra Additional entropy
return: string Unique id

get_random_salt($length, $rand_seed = '/dev/urandom')   X-Ref
Get random salt with specified length

param: int $length Salt length
param: string $rand_seed Seed for random data (optional). For tests.
return: string Random salt with specified length

string_compare($string_a, $string_b)   X-Ref
Compare two strings byte by byte

param: string $string_a The first string
param: string $string_b The second string
return: bool True if strings are the same, false if not

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