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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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manager:: (10 methods):

Class: manager  - X-Ref

__construct(\phpbb\config\config $config, $hashing_algorithms, helper $helper, $defaults)   X-Ref
Construct a passwords object

param: \phpbb\config\config        $config                phpBB configuration
param: array                        $hashing_algorithms    Hashing driver service collection
param: \phpbb\passwords\helper    $helper                Passwords helper object
param: array                        $defaults            List of default driver types

initialize()   X-Ref
Initialize the internal state

register_default_type($defaults)   X-Ref
Register default type
Will register the first supported type from the list of default types

param: array $defaults List of default types in order from first to

fill_type_map($hashing_algorithms)   X-Ref
Fill algorithm type map

param: \phpbb\di\service_collection $hashing_algorithms

get_algorithm($prefix)   X-Ref
Get the algorithm specified by a specific prefix

param: string $prefix Password hash prefix
return: object|bool The hash type object or false if prefix is not

detect_algorithm($hash)   X-Ref
Detect the hash type of the supplied hash

param: string $hash Password hash that should be checked
return: object|bool The hash type object or false if the specified

hash($password, $type = '')   X-Ref
Hash supplied password

param: string $password Password that should be hashed
param: string $type Hash type. Will default to standard hash type if
return: string|bool Password hash of supplied password or false if

check($password, $hash, $user_row = array()   X-Ref
Check supplied password against hash and set convert_flag if password
needs to be converted to different format (preferably newer one)

param: string $password Password that should be checked
param: string $hash Stored hash
param: array    $user_row User's row in users table
return: string|bool True if password is correct, false if not

combined_hash_password($password_hash, $type)   X-Ref
Create combined hash from already hashed password

param: string $password_hash Complete current password hash
param: string $type Type of the hashing algorithm the password hash
return: string|bool Combined password hash if combined hashing was

check_combined_hash($password, $stored_hash_type, $hash)   X-Ref
Check combined password hash against the supplied password

param: string $password Password entered by user
param: array $stored_hash_type An array containing the hash types
param: string $hash Stored password hash
return: bool True if password is correct, false if not

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