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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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manager:: (9 methods):

Class: manager  - X-Ref

Custom Profile Fields

__construct(\phpbb\auth\auth $auth, \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db, \phpbb\event\dispatcher_interface $dispatcher, \phpbb\request\request $request, \phpbb\template\template $template, \phpbb\di\service_collection $type_collection, \phpbb\user $user, $fields_table, $fields_language_table, $fields_data_table)   X-Ref

param: \phpbb\auth\auth            $auth        Auth object
param: \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface    $db            Database object
param: \phpbb\event\dispatcher_interface        $dispatcher    Event dispatcher object
param: \phpbb\request\request        $request    Request object
param: \phpbb\template\template    $template    Template object
param: \phpbb\di\service_collection $type_collection
param: \phpbb\user                    $user        User object
param: string                $fields_table
param: string                $fields_language_table
param: string                $fields_data_table

generate_profile_fields($mode, $lang_id)   X-Ref
Assign editable fields to template, mode can be profile (for profile change) or register (for registration)
Called by ucp_profile and ucp_register

build_cache()   X-Ref
Build profile cache, used for display

submit_cp_field($mode, $lang_id, &$cp_data, &$cp_error)   X-Ref
Submit profile field for validation

update_profile_field_data($user_id, $cp_data)   X-Ref
Update profile field data directly

generate_profile_fields_template_headlines($restrict_option = '')   X-Ref
Generate the template arrays in order to display the column names

return: array        Returns an array with the template variables type, name and explain for the fields to display
param: string    $restrict_option    Restrict the published fields to a certain profile field option

grab_profile_fields_data($user_ids = 0)   X-Ref
Grab the user specific profile fields data

return: array        Users profile fields data
param: int|array    $user_ids    Single user id or an array of ids

generate_profile_fields_template_data($profile_row, $use_contact_fields = true)   X-Ref
Assign the user's profile fields data to the template

return: array
param: array    $profile_row        Array with users profile field data
param: bool    $use_contact_fields    Should we display contact fields as such?

build_insert_sql_array($cp_data)   X-Ref
Build Array for user insertion into custom profile fields table

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