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deactivated_super_global:: (8 methods):

Class: deactivated_super_global  - X-Ref

Replacement for a superglobal (like $_GET or $_POST) which calls
trigger_error on all operations but isset, overloads the [] operator with SPL.

__construct(\phpbb\request\request_interface $request, $name, $super_global)   X-Ref
Constructor generates an error message fitting the super global to be used within the other functions.

param: \phpbb\request\request_interface    $request    A request class instance holding the real super global data.
param: string                    $name        Name of the super global this is a replacement for - e.g. '_GET'.
param: \phpbb\request\request_interface::POST|GET|REQUEST|COOKIE    $super_global    The variable's super global constant.

error()   X-Ref
Calls trigger_error with the file and line number the super global was used in.

offsetExists($offset)   X-Ref
Redirects isset to the correct request class call.

return: bool    Whether the key on the super global exists.
param: string    $offset    The key of the super global being accessed.

offsetGet($offset)   X-Ref
No description

offsetSet($offset, $value)   X-Ref
No description

offsetUnset($offset)   X-Ref
No description

count()   X-Ref
Part of the \Countable implementation, will always result in a FATAL error

getIterator()   X-Ref
Part of the Traversable/IteratorAggregate implementation, will always result in a FATAL error

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