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router:: (15 methods):

Class: router  - X-Ref

Integration of all pieces of the routing system for easier use.

__construct(ContainerInterface $container, resources_locator_interface $resources_locator, LoaderInterface $loader, $php_ext, $cache_dir)   X-Ref
Construct method

param: ContainerInterface            $container            DI container
param: resources_locator_interface    $resources_locator    Resources locator
param: LoaderInterface                $loader                Resources loader
param: string                        $php_ext            PHP file extension
param: string                        $cache_dir            phpBB cache directory

get_routes()   X-Ref
Get the list of routes

return: RouteCollection Get the route collection

getRouteCollection()   X-Ref

setContext(RequestContext $context)   X-Ref

getContext()   X-Ref

generate($name, $parameters = array()   X-Ref

match($pathinfo)   X-Ref

get_matcher()   X-Ref
Gets the UrlMatcher instance associated with this Router.

return: \Symfony\Component\Routing\Matcher\UrlMatcherInterface A UrlMatcherInterface instance

create_dumped_url_matcher()   X-Ref
Creates a new dumped URL Matcher (dump it if necessary)

create_new_url_matcher()   X-Ref
Creates a new URL Matcher

get_generator()   X-Ref
Gets the UrlGenerator instance associated with this Router.

return: \Symfony\Component\Routing\Generator\UrlGeneratorInterface A UrlGeneratorInterface instance

create_dumped_url_generator()   X-Ref
Creates a new dumped URL Generator (dump it if necessary)

create_new_url_generator()   X-Ref
Creates a new URL Generator

resolveParameters(RouteCollection $collection)   X-Ref
Replaces placeholders with service container parameter values in:
- the route defaults,
- the route requirements,
- the route path,
- the route host,
- the route schemes,
- the route methods.

param: RouteCollection $collection

resolve($value)   X-Ref
Recursively replaces placeholders with the service container parameters.

param: mixed $value The source which might contain "%placeholders%"
return: mixed The source with the placeholders replaced by the container

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