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This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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environment:: (16 methods):

Class: environment  - X-Ref

__construct(\phpbb\config\config $phpbb_config, \phpbb\filesystem\filesystem $filesystem, \phpbb\path_helper $path_helper, $cache_path, \phpbb\extension\manager $extension_manager = null, \Twig\Loader\LoaderInterface $loader = null, \phpbb\event\dispatcher_interface $phpbb_dispatcher = null, $options = array()   X-Ref

param: \phpbb\config\config $phpbb_config The phpBB configuration
param: \phpbb\filesystem\filesystem $filesystem
param: \phpbb\path_helper $path_helper phpBB path helper
param: string $cache_path The path to the cache directory
param: \phpbb\extension\manager $extension_manager phpBB extension manager
param: \Twig\Loader\LoaderInterface $loader Twig loader interface
param: \phpbb\event\dispatcher_interface    $phpbb_dispatcher    Event dispatcher object
param: array $options Array of options to pass to Twig

get_phpbb_extensions()   X-Ref
Get the list of enabled phpBB extensions

Used in EVENT node

return: array

get_phpbb_config()   X-Ref
Get phpBB config

return: \phpbb\config\config

get_phpbb_root_path()   X-Ref
Get the phpBB root path

return: string

get_filesystem()   X-Ref
Get the filesystem object

return: \phpbb\filesystem\filesystem

get_web_root_path()   X-Ref
Get the web root path

return: string

get_path_helper()   X-Ref
Get the phpbb path helper object

return: \phpbb\path_helper

get_assets_bag()   X-Ref
Gets the assets bag

return: assets_bag

getNamespaceLookUpOrder()   X-Ref
Get the namespace look up order

return: array

setNamespaceLookUpOrder($namespace)   X-Ref
Set the namespace look up order to load templates from

return: \Twig\Environment
param: array $namespace

render($name, array $context = [])   X-Ref

display($name, array $context = [])   X-Ref

display_with_assets($name, array $context = [])   X-Ref

inject_assets($output, $placeholder_salt)   X-Ref
Injects the assets (from INCLUDECSS/JS) in the output.

return: string
param: string $output

loadTemplate($name, $index = null)   X-Ref
Loads a template by name.

return: \Twig\Template A template instance representing the given template name
param: string  $name  The template name
param: integer $index The index if it is an embedded template

findTemplate($name)   X-Ref
Finds a template by name.

return: string
param: string  $name  The template name

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