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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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twig:: (9 methods):

Class: twig  - X-Ref

Twig Template class.

__construct(\phpbb\path_helper $path_helper, $config, \phpbb\template\context $context, \phpbb\template\twig\environment $twig_environment, $cache_path, \phpbb\user $user = null, $extensions = array()   X-Ref

param: \phpbb\path_helper $path_helper
param: \phpbb\config\config $config
param: \phpbb\template\context $context template context
param: \phpbb\template\twig\environment $twig_environment
param: string $cache_path
param: \phpbb\user|null $user
param: array|\ArrayAccess $extensions
param: \phpbb\extension\manager $extension_manager extension manager, if null then template events will not be invoked

clear_cache()   X-Ref
Clear the cache

return: \phpbb\template\template

get_user_style()   X-Ref
Get the style tree of the style preferred by the current user

return: array Style tree, most specific first

set_style($style_directories = array('styles')   X-Ref
Set style location based on (current) user's chosen style.

param: array $style_directories The directories to add style paths for
return: \phpbb\template\template $this

set_custom_style($names, $paths)   X-Ref
Set custom style location (able to use directory outside of phpBB).

Note: Templates are still compiled to phpBB's cache directory.

param: string|array $names Array of names (or detailed names) or string of name of template(s) in inheritance tree order, used by extensions.
param: string|array of string $paths Array of style paths, relative to current root directory
return: \phpbb\template\template $this

display($handle)   X-Ref
Display a template for provided handle.

The template will be loaded and compiled, if necessary, first.

This function calls hooks.

param: string $handle Handle to display
return: \phpbb\template\template $this

assign_display($handle, $template_var = '', $return_content = true)   X-Ref
Display the handle and assign the output to a template variable
or return the compiled result.

param: string $handle Handle to operate on
param: string $template_var Template variable to assign compiled handle to
param: bool $return_content If true return compiled handle, otherwise assign to $template_var
return: \phpbb\template\template|string if $return_content is true return string of the compiled handle, otherwise return $this

get_template_vars()   X-Ref
Get template vars in a format Twig will use (from the context)

return: array

get_source_file_for_handle($handle)   X-Ref

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