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This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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factory:: (11 methods):

Class: factory  - X-Ref

Creates s9e\TextFormatter objects

__construct(\phpbb\textformatter\data_access $data_access, \phpbb\cache\driver\driver_interface $cache, \phpbb\event\dispatcher_interface $dispatcher, \phpbb\config\config $config, \phpbb\textformatter\s9e\link_helper $link_helper, \phpbb\log\log_interface $log, $cache_dir, $cache_key_parser, $cache_key_renderer)   X-Ref

param: \phpbb\textformatter\data_access $data_access
param: \phpbb\cache\driver\driver_interface $cache
param: \phpbb\event\dispatcher_interface $dispatcher
param: \phpbb\config\config $config
param: \phpbb\textformatter\s9e\link_helper $link_helper
param: \phpbb\log\log_interface $log
param: string $cache_dir          Path to the cache dir
param: string $cache_key_parser   Cache key used for the parser
param: string $cache_key_renderer Cache key used for the renderer

invalidate()   X-Ref

tidy()   X-Ref

Will remove old renderers from the cache dir but won't touch the current renderer

get_configurator()   X-Ref
Generate and return a new configured instance of s9e\TextFormatter\Configurator

return: Configurator

regenerate()   X-Ref
No description

add_bbcode(Configurator $configurator, $usage, $template)   X-Ref
Add a BBCode to given configurator

return: void
param: Configurator $configurator
param: string       $usage
param: string       $template

configure_autolink(Configurator $configurator)   X-Ref
Configure the Autolink / Autoemail plugins used to linkify text

return: void
param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Configurator $configurator

escape_html_attribute($value)   X-Ref
Escape a literal to be used in an HTML attribute in an XSL template

Escapes "HTML special chars" for obvious reasons and curly braces to avoid them
being interpreted as an attribute value template

return: string        Escaped string
param: string $value Original string

get_default_bbcodes($configurator)   X-Ref
Return the default BBCodes configuration

return: array 2D array. Each element has a 'usage' key, a 'template' key, and an optional 'options' key

extract_templates($template)   X-Ref
Extract and recompose individual BBCode templates from a style's template file

return: array Associative array matching BBCode names to their template
param: string $template Style template (bbcode.html)

merge_templates(array $style_templates)   X-Ref
Merge the templates from any number of styles into one BBCode template

When multiple templates are available for the same BBCode (because of multiple styles) we
merge them into a single template that uses an xsl:choose construct that determines which
style to use at rendering time.

return: string
param: array  $style_templates Associative array matching style_ids to their template

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