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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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link_helper:: (5 methods):

Class: link_helper  - X-Ref

cleanup_tag(\s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag, \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser $parser)   X-Ref
Clean up and invalidate a LINK_TEXT tag if applicable

Will invalidate the tag if its replacement text is the same as the original
text and would have no visible effect

param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag    LINK_TEXT tag
param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser     $parser Parser
return: void

generate_link_text_tag(\s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag, \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser $parser)   X-Ref
Create a LINK_TEXT tag inside of a link

Meant to only apply to linkified URLs and [url] BBCodes without a parameter

param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag    URL tag (start tag)
param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser     $parser Parser
return: void

should_shorten(\s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag, $text)   X-Ref
Test whether we should shorten this tag's text

Will test whether the tag either does not use any markup or uses a single
[url] BBCode

param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag  URL tag
param: string                        $text Original text
return: bool

truncate_local_url(\s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag, $board_url)   X-Ref
Remove the board's root URL from a the start of a string

param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag       LINK_TEXT tag
param: string                        $board_url Forum's root URL (with trailing slash)
return: void

truncate_text(\s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag)   X-Ref
Truncate the replacement text set in a LINK_TEXT tag

param: \s9e\TextFormatter\Parser\Tag $tag LINK_TEXT tag
return: void

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