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This is a PHP library that handles calling reCAPTCHA. BSD 3-Clause License

Copyright: (c) 2019, Google Inc.
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CurlPost:: (2 methods):

Class: CurlPost  - X-Ref

Sends cURL request to the reCAPTCHA service.
Note: this requires the cURL extension to be enabled in PHP

__construct(Curl $curl = null, $siteVerifyUrl = null)   X-Ref
Only needed if you want to override the defaults

param: Curl $curl Curl resource
param: string $siteVerifyUrl URL for reCAPTCHA siteverify API

submit(RequestParameters $params)   X-Ref
Submit the cURL request with the specified parameters.

return: string Body of the reCAPTCHA response
param: RequestParameters $params Request parameters

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