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RequestException:: (9 methods):

Class: RequestException  - X-Ref

HTTP Request exception

__construct($message,RequestInterface $request,ResponseInterface $response = null,\Exception $previous = null,array $handlerContext = [])   X-Ref
No description

wrapException(RequestInterface $request, \Exception $e)   X-Ref
Wrap non-RequestExceptions with a RequestException

param: RequestInterface $request
param: \Exception       $e
return: RequestException

create(RequestInterface $request,ResponseInterface $response = null,\Exception $previous = null,array $ctx = [])   X-Ref
Factory method to create a new exception with a normalized error message

param: RequestInterface  $request  Request
param: ResponseInterface $response Response received
param: \Exception        $previous Previous exception
param: array             $ctx      Optional handler context.
return: self

getResponseBodySummary(ResponseInterface $response)   X-Ref
Get a short summary of the response

Will return `null` if the response is not printable.

param: ResponseInterface $response
return: string|null

obfuscateUri(UriInterface $uri)   X-Ref
Obfuscates URI if there is a username and a password present

param: UriInterface $uri
return: UriInterface

getRequest()   X-Ref
Get the request that caused the exception

return: RequestInterface

getResponse()   X-Ref
Get the associated response

return: ResponseInterface|null

hasResponse()   X-Ref
Check if a response was received

return: bool

getHandlerContext()   X-Ref
Get contextual information about the error from the underlying handler.

The contents of this array will vary depending on which handler you are
using. It may also be just an empty array. Relying on this data will
couple you to a specific handler, but can give more debug information
when needed.

return: array

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