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Class: Pool  - X-Ref

Sends an iterator of requests concurrently using a capped pool size.

The pool will read from an iterator until it is cancelled or until the
iterator is consumed. When a request is yielded, the request is sent after
applying the "request_options" request options (if provided in the ctor).

When a function is yielded by the iterator, the function is provided the
"request_options" array that should be merged on top of any existing
options, and the function MUST then return a wait-able promise.
__construct(ClientInterface $client,$requests,array $config = [])   X-Ref

param: ClientInterface $client   Client used to send the requests.
param: array|\Iterator $requests Requests or functions that return
param: array           $config   Associative array of options

promise()   X-Ref
Get promise

return: PromiseInterface

batch(ClientInterface $client,$requests,array $options = [])   X-Ref
Sends multiple requests concurrently and returns an array of responses
and exceptions that uses the same ordering as the provided requests.

IMPORTANT: This method keeps every request and response in memory, and
as such, is NOT recommended when sending a large number or an
indeterminate number of requests concurrently.

param: ClientInterface $client   Client used to send the requests
param: array|\Iterator $requests Requests to send concurrently.
param: array           $options  Passes through the options available in
return: array Returns an array containing the response or an exception

cmpCallback(array &$options, $name, array &$results)   X-Ref
Execute callback(s)

return: void

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