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UriTemplate:: (5 methods):

Class: UriTemplate  - X-Ref

Expands URI templates. Userland implementation of PECL uri_template.

expand($template, array $variables)   X-Ref
No description

parseExpression($expression)   X-Ref
Parse an expression into parts

param: string $expression Expression to parse
return: array Returns an associative array of parts

expandMatch(array $matches)   X-Ref
Process an expansion

param: array $matches Matches met in the preg_replace_callback
return: string Returns the replacement string

isAssoc(array $array)   X-Ref
Determines if an array is associative.

This makes the assumption that input arrays are sequences or hashes.
This assumption is a tradeoff for accuracy in favor of speed, but it
should work in almost every case where input is supplied for a URI

param: array $array Array to check
return: bool

decodeReserved($string)   X-Ref
Removes percent encoding on reserved characters (used with + and #

param: string $string String to fix
return: string

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