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ServiceInterface:: (4 methods):

Interface: ServiceInterface  - X-Ref

Defines methods common among all OAuth services.

request($path, $method = 'GET', $body = null, array $extraHeaders = array()   X-Ref
Sends an authenticated API request to the path provided.
If the path provided is not an absolute URI, the base API Uri (service-specific) will be used.

param: string|UriInterface $path
param: string              $method       HTTP method
param: array               $body         Request body if applicable (an associative array will
param: array               $extraHeaders Extra headers if applicable. These will override service-specific
return: string

getAuthorizationUri(array $additionalParameters = array()   X-Ref
Returns the url to redirect to for authorization purposes.

param: array $additionalParameters
return: UriInterface

getAuthorizationEndpoint()   X-Ref
Returns the authorization API endpoint.

return: UriInterface

getAccessTokenEndpoint()   X-Ref
Returns the access token API endpoint.

return: UriInterface

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