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Session:: (13 methods):

Class: Session  - X-Ref

Stores a token in a PHP session.

__construct($startSession = true,$sessionVariableName = 'lusitanian-oauth-token',$stateVariableName = 'lusitanian-oauth-state')   X-Ref

param: bool $startSession Whether or not to start the session upon construction.
param: string $sessionVariableName the variable name to use within the _SESSION superglobal
param: string $stateVariableName

retrieveAccessToken($service)   X-Ref

storeAccessToken($service, TokenInterface $token)   X-Ref

hasAccessToken($service)   X-Ref

clearToken($service)   X-Ref

clearAllTokens()   X-Ref

storeAuthorizationState($service, $state)   X-Ref

hasAuthorizationState($service)   X-Ref

retrieveAuthorizationState($service)   X-Ref

clearAuthorizationState($service)   X-Ref

clearAllAuthorizationStates()   X-Ref

__destruct()   X-Ref
No description

sessionHasStarted()   X-Ref
Determine if the session has started.

return: bool

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