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Functions that are not part of a class:

__construct(CredentialsInterface $credentials,ClientInterface $httpClient,TokenStorageInterface $storage,SignatureInterface $signature,UriInterface $baseApiUri = null)   X-Ref

requestRequestToken()   X-Ref

getAuthorizationUri(array $additionalParameters = array()   X-Ref

requestAccessToken($token, $verifier, $tokenSecret = null)   X-Ref

refreshAccessToken(TokenInterface $token)   X-Ref
Refreshes an OAuth1 access token

param: TokenInterface $token
return: TokenInterface $token

request($path, $method = 'GET', $body = null, array $extraHeaders = array()   X-Ref
Sends an authenticated API request to the path provided.
If the path provided is not an absolute URI, the base API Uri (must be passed into constructor) will be used.

param: string|UriInterface $path
param: string              $method       HTTP method
param: array               $body         Request body if applicable (key/value pairs)
param: array               $extraHeaders Extra headers if applicable.
return: string

getExtraOAuthHeaders()   X-Ref
Return any additional headers always needed for this service implementation's OAuth calls.

return: array

getExtraApiHeaders()   X-Ref
Return any additional headers always needed for this service implementation's API calls.

return: array

buildAuthorizationHeaderForTokenRequest(array $extraParameters = array()   X-Ref
Builds the authorization header for getting an access or request token.

param: array $extraParameters
return: string

buildAuthorizationHeaderForAPIRequest($method,UriInterface $uri,TokenInterface $token,$bodyParams = null)   X-Ref
Builds the authorization header for an authenticated API request

param: string         $method
param: UriInterface   $uri        The uri the request is headed
param: TokenInterface $token
param: array          $bodyParams Request body if applicable (key/value pairs)
return: string

getBasicAuthorizationHeaderInfo()   X-Ref
Builds the authorization header array.

return: array

generateNonce($length = 32)   X-Ref
Pseudo random string generator used to build a unique string to sign each request

param: int $length
return: string

getSignatureMethod()   X-Ref

return: string

getVersion()   X-Ref
This returns the version used in the authorization header of the requests

return: string

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