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Functions that are not part of a class:

__construct(CredentialsInterface $credentials,ClientInterface $httpClient,TokenStorageInterface $storage,$scopes = array()   X-Ref

param: CredentialsInterface  $credentials
param: ClientInterface       $httpClient
param: TokenStorageInterface $storage
param: array                 $scopes
param: UriInterface|null     $baseApiUri
param: bool $stateParameterInAutUrl
param: string                $apiVersion

getAuthorizationUri(array $additionalParameters = array()   X-Ref

requestAccessToken($code, $state = null)   X-Ref

request($path, $method = 'GET', $body = null, array $extraHeaders = array()   X-Ref
Sends an authenticated API request to the path provided.
If the path provided is not an absolute URI, the base API Uri (must be passed into constructor) will be used.

param: string|UriInterface $path
param: string              $method       HTTP method
param: array               $body         Request body if applicable.
param: array               $extraHeaders Extra headers if applicable. These will override service-specific
return: string

getStorage()   X-Ref
Accessor to the storage adapter to be able to retrieve tokens

return: TokenStorageInterface

refreshAccessToken(TokenInterface $token)   X-Ref
Refreshes an OAuth2 access token.

param: TokenInterface $token
return: TokenInterface $token

isValidScope($scope)   X-Ref
Return whether or not the passed scope value is valid.

param: string $scope
return: bool

needsStateParameterInAuthUrl()   X-Ref
Check if the given service need to generate a unique state token to build the authorization url

return: bool

validateAuthorizationState($state)   X-Ref
Validates the authorization state against a given one

param: string $state

generateAuthorizationState()   X-Ref
Generates a random string to be used as state

return: string

retrieveAuthorizationState()   X-Ref
Retrieves the authorization state for the current service

return: string

storeAuthorizationState($state)   X-Ref
Stores a given authorization state into the storage

param: string $state

getExtraOAuthHeaders()   X-Ref
Return any additional headers always needed for this service implementation's OAuth calls.

return: array

getExtraApiHeaders()   X-Ref
Return any additional headers always needed for this service implementation's API calls.

return: array

getAuthorizationMethod()   X-Ref
Returns a class constant from ServiceInterface defining the authorization method used for the API
Header is the sane default.

return: int

getApiVersionString()   X-Ref
Returns api version string if is set else retrun empty string

return: string

getScopesDelimiter()   X-Ref
Returns delimiter to scopes in getAuthorizationUri
For services that do not fully respect the Oauth's RFC,
and use scopes with commas as delimiter

return: string

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