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NormalizedList:: (8 methods):

Class: NormalizedList  - X-Ref

add($value, $void = null)   X-Ref
Add (append) a value to this list

Alias for append(). Overrides NormalizedCollection::add()

param: mixed $value Original value
param: null  $void  Unused
return: mixed        Normalized value

append($value)   X-Ref
Append a value to this list

param: mixed $value Original value
return: mixed        Normalized value

delete($key)   X-Ref
Delete a value from this list and remove gaps in keys

NOTE: parent::offsetUnset() maps to $this->delete() so this method covers both usages

param: string $key
return: void

insert($offset, $value)   X-Ref
Insert a value at an arbitrary 0-based position

param: integer $offset
param: mixed   $value
return: mixed           Normalized value

normalizeKey($key)   X-Ref
Ensure that the key is a valid offset

Negative values count from the end of the list

param: mixed   $key
return: integer

offsetSet($offset, $value)   X-Ref
Custom offsetSet() implementation to allow assignment with a null offset to append to the

param: mixed $offset
param: mixed $value
return: void

prepend($value)   X-Ref
Prepend a value to this list

param: mixed $value
return: mixed        Normalized value

remove($value)   X-Ref
Remove all items matching given value

param: mixed   $value Original value
return: integer        Number of items removed

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