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Normalizer:: (13 methods):

Class: Normalizer  - X-Ref

__construct(Optimizer $optimizer)   X-Ref

param: Optimizer $optimizer
return: void

normalize(DOMDocument $ir)   X-Ref
Normalize an IR

param: DOMDocument $ir
return: void

addCloseTagElements(DOMDocument $ir)   X-Ref
Add <closeTag/> elements everywhere an open start tag should be closed

param: DOMDocument $ir
return: void

addDefaultCase()   X-Ref
Add an empty default <case/> to <switch/> nodes that don't have one

return: void

addElementIds()   X-Ref
Add an id attribute to <element/> nodes

return: void

getOutputContext(DOMNode $output)   X-Ref
Get the context type for given output element

param: DOMNode $output
return: string

getParentElementId(DOMNode $node)   X-Ref
Get the ID of the closest "element" ancestor

param: DOMNode     $node Context node
return: string|null

markBranchTables()   X-Ref
Mark switch elements that are used as branch tables

If a switch is used for a series of equality tests against the same attribute or variable, the
attribute/variable is stored within the switch as "branch-key" and the values it is compared
against are stored JSON-encoded in the case as "branch-values". It can be used to create
optimized branch tables

return: void

markSwitchTable(DOMElement $switch)   X-Ref
Mark given switch element if it's used as a branch table

param: DOMElement $switch
return: void

markConditionalCloseTagElements()   X-Ref
Mark conditional <closeTag/> nodes

return: void

markBooleanAttributes()   X-Ref
Mark boolean attributes

The test is case-sensitive and only covers attribute that are minimized by libxslt

return: void

markVoidElements()   X-Ref
Mark void elements

return: void

setOutputContext()   X-Ref
Fill in output context

return: void

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