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ProgrammableCallback:: (13 methods):

Class: ProgrammableCallback  - X-Ref

__construct($callback)   X-Ref

param: callable $callback

addParameterByValue($paramValue)   X-Ref
Add a parameter by value

return: self
param: mixed $paramValue

addParameterByName($paramName)   X-Ref
Add a parameter by name

The value will be dynamically generated by the caller

return: self
param: string $paramName

getCallback()   X-Ref
Get this object's callback

return: callback

getJS()   X-Ref
Get this callback's JavaScript

return: string

getVars()   X-Ref
Get this object's variables

return: array

resetParameters()   X-Ref
Remove all the parameters

return: self

setJS($js)   X-Ref
Set this callback's JavaScript

return: self
param: string $js JavaScript source code for this callback

setVar($name, $value)   X-Ref
Set or overwrite one of this callback's variable

return: self
param: string $name  Variable name
param: string $value Variable value

setVars(array $vars)   X-Ref
Set all of this callback's variables at once

return: self
param: array $vars Associative array of values

asConfig()   X-Ref

autoloadJS()   X-Ref
Try to load the JavaScript source for this callback

return: void

normalizeCallback($callback)   X-Ref
Normalize a callback's representation

return: callable
param: callable $callback

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