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Template:: (13 methods):

Class: Template  - X-Ref

__construct($template)   X-Ref

param: string $template This template's content

__call($methodName, $args)   X-Ref
Handle calls to undefined methods

Forwards calls to this template's TemplateInspector instance

return: mixed

__toString()   X-Ref
Return this template's content

return: string

asDOM()   X-Ref
Return the content of this template as a DOMDocument

NOTE: the content is wrapped in an <xsl:template/> node

return: DOMDocument

getCSSNodes()   X-Ref
Return all the nodes in this template whose content type is CSS

return: array

getInspector()   X-Ref
Return an instance of TemplateInspector based on this template's content

return: TemplateInspector

getJSNodes()   X-Ref
Return all the nodes in this template whose content type is JavaScript

return: array

getURLNodes()   X-Ref
Return all the nodes in this template whose value is an URL

return: array

getParameters()   X-Ref
Return a list of parameters in use in this template

return: array Alphabetically sorted list of unique parameter names

isNormalized($bool = null)   X-Ref
Set and/or return whether this template has been normalized

param: bool $bool If present, the new value for this template's isNormalized flag
return: bool       Whether this template has been normalized

normalize(TemplateNormalizer $templateNormalizer)   X-Ref
Normalize this template's content

param: TemplateNormalizer $templateNormalizer
return: void

replaceTokens($regexp, $fn)   X-Ref
Replace parts of this template that match given regexp

param: string   $regexp Regexp for matching parts that need replacement
param: callable $fn     Callback used to get the replacement
return: void

setContent($template)   X-Ref
Replace this template's content

param: string $template New content
return: void

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