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JavaScript:: (15 methods):

Class: JavaScript  - X-Ref

__construct(Configurator $configurator)   X-Ref

param: Configurator $configurator Configurator

getMinifier()   X-Ref
Return the cached instance of Minifier (creates one if necessary)

return: Minifier

getParser(array $config = null)   X-Ref
Get a JavaScript parser

return: string         JavaScript parser
param: array  $config Config array returned by the configurator

setMinifier($minifier)   X-Ref
Set the cached instance of Minifier

Extra arguments will be passed to the minifier's constructor

return: Minifier                  The new minifier
param: string|Minifier $minifier Name of a supported minifier, or an instance of Minifier

encode($value)   X-Ref
Encode a PHP value into an equivalent JavaScript representation

return: string        JavaScript representation
param: mixed  $value Original value

getExports()   X-Ref
Generate and return the public API

return: string JavaScript Code

getFunctionCache()   X-Ref

return: string Function cache serialized as a JavaScript object

getHints()   X-Ref
Generate a HINT object that contains informations about the configuration

return: string JavaScript Code

getPluginsConfig()   X-Ref
Return the plugins' config

return: Dictionary

getRegisteredVarsConfig()   X-Ref

getRootContext()   X-Ref
Return the root context config

return: array

getSource()   X-Ref
Return the parser's source

return: string

getStylesheet()   X-Ref
Return the JavaScript representation of the stylesheet

return: string

getTagsConfig()   X-Ref
Return the tags' config

return: Dictionary

injectConfig($src)   X-Ref
Inject the parser config into given source

return: string      Modified source
param: string $src Parser's source

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