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HintGenerator:: (9 methods):

Class: HintGenerator  - X-Ref

getHints()   X-Ref
Generate a HINT object that contains informations about the configuration

return: string JavaScript Code

setConfig(array $config)   X-Ref
Set the config on which hints are based

param: array $config
return: void

setPlugins(PluginCollection $plugins)   X-Ref
Set the collection of plugins

param: PluginCollection $plugins
return: void

setXSL($xsl)   X-Ref
Set the XSL on which hints are based

param: string $xsl
return: void

setPluginsHints()   X-Ref
Set custom hints from plugins

return: void

setRenderingHints()   X-Ref
Set hints related to rendering

return: void

setRulesHints()   X-Ref
Set hints related to rules

return: void

setTagAttributesHints(array $tagConfig)   X-Ref
Set hints based on given tag's attributes config

param: array $tagConfig
return: void

setTagsHints()   X-Ref
Set hints related to tags config

return: void

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