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RecursiveParser:: (6 methods):

Class: RecursiveParser  - X-Ref

parse(string $str, string $name = '')   X-Ref
Parse given string

param: string $str
param: string $name Allowed match, either match name or group name (default: allow all)
return: mixed

setMatchers(array $matchers)   X-Ref
Set the list of matchers used by this parser

param: MatcherInterface[]
return: void

getArguments(array $matches, string $name)   X-Ref
Get the list of arguments produced by a regexp's match

param: string[] $matches Regexp matches
param: string   $name    Regexp name
return: string[]

getMatchersConfig(array $matchers)   X-Ref
Collect, normalize, sort and return the config for all matchers

param: MatcherInterface[] $matchers
return: array

insertCaptureNames(string $name, string $regexp)   X-Ref
Insert capture names into given regexp

param: string $name   Name of the regexp, used to name captures
param: string $regexp Original regexp
return: string         Modified regexp

sortMatcherConfig(array $a, array $b)   X-Ref
No description

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