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FoldConstantXPathExpressions:: (5 methods):

Class: FoldConstantXPathExpressions  - X-Ref

getOptimizationPasses()   X-Ref

evaluate($expr)   X-Ref
Evaluate given expression without raising any warnings

param: string $expr
return: mixed

foldConstantXPathExpression(array $m)   X-Ref
Evaluate and replace a constant XPath expression

param: array  $m
return: string

isConstantExpression($expr)   X-Ref
Test whether given expression seems to be constant

param: string $expr
return: bool

selectReplacement($expr, $foldedExpr)   X-Ref
Select the best replacement for given expression

param: string $expr       Original expression
param: string $foldedExpr Folded expression
return: string

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