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OptimizeChooseText:: (6 methods):

Class: OptimizeChooseText  - X-Ref

adjustTextNodes($childType, $pos, $len = PHP_INT_MAX)   X-Ref
Adjust length of the text nodes of current xsl:choose element's branches

return: void
param: string  $childType Either firstChild or lastChild
param: integer $pos
param: integer $len

getPrefixLength(array $strings)   X-Ref
Compute the number of leading characters common to all strings

return: integer
param: string[] $strings

getTextContent($childType)   X-Ref
Get the text content of the firstChild/lastChild of each branch if they are all text nodes

return: string[]            List of strings or an empty array
param: string   $childType Either firstChild or lastChild

optimizeChoose()   X-Ref

optimizeLeadingText()   X-Ref
Move common leading text outside of current choose

return: void

optimizeTrailingText()   X-Ref
Move common trailing text outside of current choose

return: void

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