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FilterProcessing:: (7 methods):

Class: FilterProcessing  - X-Ref

executeAttributePreprocessors(Tag $tag, array $tagConfig)   X-Ref
Execute all the attribute preprocessors of given tag

param: Tag   $tag       Source tag
param: array $tagConfig Tag's config
return: void

filterAttributes(Tag $tag, array $tagConfig, array $registeredVars, Logger $logger)   X-Ref
Filter the attributes of given tag

param: Tag    $tag            Tag being checked
param: array  $tagConfig      Tag's config
param: array  $registeredVars Array of registered vars for use in attribute filters
param: Logger $logger         This parser's Logger instance
return: void

filterTag(Tag $tag, Parser $parser, array $tagsConfig, array $openTags)   X-Ref
Execute a tag's filterChain

param: Tag    $tag        Tag to filter
param: Parser $parser     Parser
param: array  $tagsConfig Tags' config
param: Tag[]  $openTags   List of open tags
return: void

executeAttributeFilterChain(array $filterChain, array $vars)   X-Ref
Execute an attribute's filterChain

param: array $filterChain Attribute's filterChain
param: array $vars        Callback vars
return: mixed              Filtered value

executeAttributePreprocessor(Tag $tag, $attrName, $regexp, $map)   X-Ref
Execute an attribute preprocessor

param: Tag      $tag
param: string   $attrName
param: string   $regexp
param: string[] $map
return: void

executeFilter(array $filter, array $vars)   X-Ref
Execute a filter

param: array $filter Programmed callback
param: array $vars   Variables to be used when executing the callback
return: mixed         Whatever the callback returns

getNamedCaptures($str, $regexp, $map)   X-Ref
Execute a regexp and return the values of the mapped captures

param: string   $str
param: string   $regexp
param: string[] $map
return: array

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