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BBCodeMonkey:: (10 methods):

Class: BBCodeMonkey  - X-Ref

__construct(Configurator $configurator)   X-Ref

param: Configurator $configurator Instance of Configurator

create($usage, $template)   X-Ref
Create a BBCode and its underlying tag and template(s) based on its reference usage

param: string          $usage    BBCode usage, e.g. [B]{TEXT}[/b]
param: string|Template $template BBCode's template
return: array                     An array containing three elements: 'bbcode', 'bbcodeName'

parse($usage)   X-Ref
No description

addAttributes(array $definitions, BBCode $bbcode, Tag $tag)   X-Ref
No description

convertValue($value)   X-Ref
Convert a human-readable value to a typed PHP value

param: string      $value Original value
return: bool|string        Converted value

parseTokens($definition)   X-Ref
Parse and return all the tokens contained in a definition

param: string $definition
return: array

generateAttribute(array $token)   X-Ref
Generate an attribute based on a token

param: array     $token Token this attribute is based on
return: Attribute

appendFilters(Attribute $attribute, $filters)   X-Ref
Append a list of filters to an attribute's filterChain

param: Attribute $attribute
param: string    $filters   List of filters, separated with commas
return: void

isFilter($tokenId)   X-Ref
Test whether a token's name is the name of a filter

param: string $tokenId Token ID, e.g. "TEXT1"
return: bool

parseOptionString($string)   X-Ref
Parse the option string into an associative array

param: string $string Serialized options
return: array          Associative array of options

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