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Functions that are not part of a class:

addTag(tagPos, tagLen, hex)   X-Ref
Add an emoji tag for given sequence

param: {number} tagPos Position of the tag in the original text
param: {number} tagLen Length of text consumed by the tag
param: {string} hex    Fully-qualified sequence of codepoints in hex

getHexSequence(str)   X-Ref
Get the sequence of Unicode codepoints that corresponds to given emoji

param: {string} str UTF-8 emoji
return: {string}     Codepoint sequence, e.g. "0023-20e3"

parseCustomAliases(text)   X-Ref
Parse custom aliases in given text

param: {string} text Original text

parseShortnames(text)   X-Ref
Parse shortnames in given text

param: {string} text Original text

parseUnicode(text)   X-Ref
Parse Unicode emoji in given text

param: {string} text Original text

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